Thursday, March 22, 2012


Please place my remains in the spots I love most.Topa
Sespe Gorge
Piedra Blanca
Painted Cave
Las Croces
Buffalo Ridge
Absaroka Range

Thank you.

To the West, The Great American Oceans, Goldman, The Center of Information and the initial avalanche,

This is my first time breathing.
My soul comes from deep inside the earth. Formed long ago, from a collection of
minerals, soils, and water that were pushed around by plate movement and earth
formation. I was mixed together like an ancient recipe. A gradual and lengthy shift in
plates eventually pushed my lot of earth skyward; creating a tall mountain range out of
my surroundings. Parts of my hard stone shell touched light, and broke through to the
surface of the hillsides. And while my exteriors could feel the patter of life on the
surface, I still lay dormant, not trapped but protected deep inside stone.

I could feel everyday and every night.
Warming. Cooling. Warming. Cooling. Passing years blurred into
each other. I understood everything. Although I could not physically see, the world made
sense. Everything was exactly how it was supposed to be, and there was a content
curiosity flowing through my stone. My location became something I could sense.
There were blessed trees, a flowing river, that just like the sunlight would rise and fall.
The water would rise and soak me at times. Other times it would flow weak. There was
much peace in this bit of earth I was apart of. This world is clockwork. It lay untouched
for eons.

Natives discovered the small part of the canyon I was dormant in. I could sense
their presence in the canyons. They were harmless. Respectful. While they didn’t know
me, they knew of me and called my fellow mountains and stones by spirit names. They
believed that everything on this earth had a spirit. A character. Whether it was a body of
water, a cloud, or an insect. They never settled on the same bit of earth as I, yet they
could come. Sometimes in small groups, other times by themselves. They came to seek
solitude; to bathe in the waters. They believed they would live forever. It was sacred

Very little could break me open. My exterior was perhaps the hardest pericarp in
existence. Creatures had climbed on me. Rains had fallen, corrosion had occurred, yet I
still remained in an embryonic stage, until one early morning,
something fell out of the sky. It came at an incredible force and did not intend on
stopping. Like me, it too had a hard exterior. The southern winds ganged up and
pushed into my territory. it smashed right into me
and dissolved my home into dust and sand. My soul had erupted, breathed, and sensed
the world for the first time.

My bits and pieces traveled. Not necessarily a path I wanted to take, but it was
inevitable. I launched into the river, and I was carried east. Humans going
westward found me traveling through streams, brooks, and rivers. This is when I entered
a human body. I was drank. Absorbed. I entered bloodstreams and traveled through the
canals of mind. For an unknown reason, I eventually became part of the human being.
Fine combed and perfected, I had come into my own as a part of the human circle. While
there were still many years of dormancy, I had earned a place in the bodies of men.
Eventually I was born into the form of a boy. I breathed, and was given a name. Hunter
John Skowron. I am a first time human, although I have lived before.
Please put me back, as I am due for a journey to the House of Domes.


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