Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Salvy B

Cause of Death: Unknown



Oh Death, how I have longed for thee. No longer do I fear you as the rest do. Your warm embrace has always been waiting for me. Here I come, you are no longer a mystery, the final piece of this 28 year puzzle is in place. Goodbye all, I know you will gaze upon my lifeless body with silent disgust as well as feel touched by thoughts of your own mortality and that will cause you to feel sorrow, but I do not want you to see my death as a loss, for you are all the losers. I in fact have beat you to the finish line. This was never a marathon, but instead a sprint. I will leave you with this: “Once upon a time, a long long time ago there was a planet floating all alone in space. Miraculously it sustained many forms of life moving and non-moving creatures and they would all take great pleasure in watching the heavens above them revolving in perfect harmonic order. Before televisions and radios existed, before podcasts and internet pornography had even been imagined, families would gather round the fire and they would tell folk the stories to pass the time and take wisdom from the elders. Once upon a time, a god asked a great king 'what is the most amazing thing in the world?'. The king replied that every day a million souls pass into the abode of death and yet none believes that they shall follow.”

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