Thursday, March 22, 2012


Cause of Death: Drowning

i've been far too aware for far too long. not of anything terribly substantial, mind you. i was just too aware of how people tend to be. party party, be an asshole, party party, get dissed, get pissed, react, part party. it sickens me how horribly predictable people have become. how absolutely thoughtless. i was no exception. i lived my life far too plainly, in this pattern, to warrant any kind of high horse. i found no climax or respit... only a constant lull. i quietly judged people, forming my own opinions on the current human condition, being all too aware of the whiny tag i would be awarded if i voiced any of them. now, i am safe. now, i am quiet. now, i am perfect. fuck this existence. if i were not dead and scattered right now, i would pity those i left behind. to quote the movie Last Life In the Universe... "this is bliss"... sadly, i cannot confirm or deny this to any of you. BYYYYEEEEE

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