Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting Over a Broken Heart

First of all, depending on your "situation" this might make you feel worse.

I started writing because I knew that I was really interesting, and that everything I did was novel. I knew that the way I lived my lyfe was super unique and no one else had experienced the things I had. For instance like, sometimes I have sex with other ppl, and sometimes/always, I feel "sad."

So, I get really "down" sometimes. I'll think to myself, I can't believe I cried to that dude about my childhood and then he chokefucked me and never called again. Or, I can't believe I "loved" that person and now we don't talk, but he regurgitates my texts and emails into "relevant" alt lit stories on the internet. Or, I can't believe my ex bf published a book even though he can't really read good and stuff (jk, J. You're a savant.) Or like, why do I only fuck autistic ppl? I start feeling like I suck and I should probably just "kill myself," or whatever.

Well anyway, then I go here and think, well, hey, things could be worse.  At least he didn't chokefuck me, write about me on the internet AND give me herpes. Guess everything is fine after all. Guess I'll get a fountain coke and get high or something.


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