Saturday, April 14, 2012

Online Couples

Do you ever feel like when people tell you they met their significant other online you already knew that just by looking at them? I'm not trying to make some dumbass joke about the internet being full of ugly ppl or w/e. For one, I have no idea, and secondly, that is fucking boring. The reason I ask is, they just always look like there is no possible fucking way they would have been at the same place/social function IRL. Like the girl is an attractive/generic/vegan looking blonde, and the dude has a ponytail and a beard and looks like he is hella into LARPing. Or like...The guy looks the way "Hardcore" ppl looked in 2003 and the girl is a "saucy" Latina or something. Or one person is hot and foreign, and one a SUPER creepy older guy always wearing a suit. Whatever. Just asking...Arc Light interview coming soon as promised.


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