Monday, April 16, 2012

Writing Prompt

Okay, so I know I'm supposed to put up an interview but I have adhd and bipolar disorder and a substance abuse problem and a job, and I get distracted by other things REALLY easily. So first of all, I have some questions regarding dyslexia. This person on Yahoo answers "used to be" dyslexic. Did they mix up "hands on" and "on hands" because they are still dyslexic and in denial, or are they just some sort of "foreigner?"


Were one or both of these people being serious, or were they both being "ironic?" Are they both ttly radical ppl who "get it?"


Is this woman really a DYSLEXIA TEACHER?


 Okay, here is your writing prompt, tell the story of this photograph. Who took this photo? Are these ppl really dyslexic? Is this just a "stock photo?" If so, what did the man/woman taking the photo do or say to get these people to pose like this? Does the photographer feel disenfranchised/suicidal/wish they were Terry Richardson? Or do they take their job srsly? Did the person collecting photos to make animated gifs for the dyslexia website see this photo and immediately think, "Yes! this is it! found the perfect photo." Were they being "ironic?"

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