Sunday, May 6, 2012

Are YOU A "Magical Person"?

The Rich & Healthy Witch: The Essential Survival Guide For Magical People.

"If you are a magical person by nature, then you need to read this book."
"Magical people - people who have magical talent, the second sight, visions, precognitions, dreams, creativity and imagination - suffer from a lack of understanding and support from their non-magical families, at school, at work and in society at large."

That said, this may or may not be the most amazing sentence I've ever read: "Silvia - you make more sense than anybody I've met before in this world. It's like when I read what you write, I recognize ME. You are talking about a world and way of living that I can finally understand and relate to. I love the idea of eating like a magical person - how logical is that!"

Sort of feel like that person's definition of "logical" is like "fucking insane" or something. Sort of feel like the person who wrote that sentence is truly the most "magical" person that has ever existed.


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