Friday, May 25, 2012

Every Song I Can Think Of About Masturbating

This is basically what my Catholic education taught me about sex:

Not sure if he is the creepiest, most pedophile looking motherfucker I've ever seen. Bless him. Guilt is delicious. That's why there's a gold framed pic of Jesus that stares directly at my bed.

I put ADIDAS on it for my bestie, lol, and Roxy Music for G. Hope you're taking a "sensual bath" with a foxy ginger, bb.

I made this playlist, it's really "good." Whether you're spending your Friday night together or alone, just remember "BREADS" y'all.

There's a blood red sun outside, I'm scared. Some of these songs aren't "technically" about j/o or whatever, but I think they qualify.

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