Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Godfather Or Whatever

I decided to google my dad earlier, I don't know why, because I was bored, I guess. Without getting into who my dad is, because whatever, I'll just say he's a music industry dude that I see like once every two years, lol. I mainly wanted to see if I could find any really stupid pictures of him or something. Somehow I found this blog where this dude was talking "mad" shit about him, lol. I have no idea who the dude is. You couldn't leave comments on his blog. I really wanted to leave one that said, "Dude, I'm fucking telling on you." Anyway, this blog he wrote talked about a bunch of other people I know, including my godfather who was apparently a pretty hard partying dude in the day, but I guess now he's a priest, and I guess he was giving a eulogy at a funeral and the people who hired him wound up suing him because he said in reference to the dead guy,  "The Lord vomited people like Ben out of his mouth to Hell." 

The complaint also said that, "As Mansfield walked to the grave, he laced his comments about Martinez -- a former town councilman -- with profanities."

LOL, the internet is fun sometimes.



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