Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Happened

So, I got expelled from school when I was like 12 or something for writing a profanity laden tirade, lol. I remember being really upset about it, and thinking like--I have no future because I got expelled from a school, it was true that I had no future, but not because I got expelled from school. I remember like--hanging out in a closet because it was dark and drinking orange juice.

Anyway, the guy who told on me for writing a profanity laden tirade, became my friend like a year later, I wrote about him a while ago, he's the guy who is dating a porn star, blew a .40 and has a brain tumor. I don't remember how I became friends with that guy after he got me expelled from school. I think he had a crush on me, for a long time. He wound up dating a friend of mine (a friend at the time, not now) who went over to my mom's house the year I moved to CA, and like, told my mom she had just had an abortion, and could see the dead fetus talking to her as an ornament on the Christmas tree. These are the stories behind small details of my writing, lol.  ANYWAY (again) I remember the first day I hung out with that guy. He took me to his friend's house, and his friend was the child of this prominent attorney, he was a complete freak. I feel like these people were all into like hanging out in underground tunnels and doing witchcraft and stuff. I do stuff like that now as an "adult" on acid and stuff, but when I was 13, it was very whatever.

We went into the backyard, I don't know why, and I don't know why digging in the dirt happened either. All I know is, somehow, we were digging in the dirt and we found this large stash of drugs including the largest bag of cocaine I've ever seen. So this prominent attorney dug a hole in his backyard to hide his drug stash including the largest bag of coke I've ever seen. I remember doing bumps of said coke, but like--only enough so that this dude wouldn't notice that coke was missing from his giant bag of coke  I heard he hid his drugs in the yard because he had a prostitute girlfriend and like...needed to hide his shit in a place she wouldn't find it or something like that. This is a true story. Scout's honor, even though I'm not a scout.

I wanna post a link to that attorney's local commercials, but I'm afraid like--someone will read this and be like that dude has a coke stash and prostitute girlfriends, but whatever. I think it's fine as long as I don't like tag it or mention his name or anything. Well, I'll make it a different post, lol. I'll make a new post for that video, the post will be called, STANDUP GUY.

UPDATE: It might not have been that much cocaine. I don't know. I was like 13, it could be really hyperbolized, but in my mind it's like a half full one gallon bag or something...

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