Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This is a Real Conversation

A: I'm watching Basic Instinct...again

R: I'm reading a book called PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT ME IN THE FACE

How are you?

A: I've had strep throat for 6 daze so I've been watching Sharon Stone movies in a feverish haze retardedly getting stoned and peeing.

R: LOL I've started to just like--pee on people's floor's at times I'm not sure what prompted it, really

A: LOL it's amazing

Remember I used to piss in Carona bottles and leave them under A---'s sink?

R: I guess like...just feeling like "fuck it" and I hate everyone and like why would I not just pee on this person's carpet?

I think I will pee in someone's bed soon

A: I pee on houses more than I do in toilets

pee during sex

R: I want to think of more ways I can "lash out" at humanity


R: I'm not sure if peeing in weird places is a sign that you are either severely mentally ill or like on "drugs"

A: LOL Both

R: I think "both" also

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