Saturday, May 26, 2012


I kind of want to email a craigslist casual encounters dude. Not for fucking, but because he said he had a pool. Just want to ask like, hey dude, I really want to go swimming. I don't want to sleep with you but I went to a "prestigious" art skewl I can show you how to take really classy cock shots, what do you say?!

This is a conversation that took place yesterday:

A: He's definitely not gay, but he's "gay." He's the reason the world sucks. Men like him run it. Disgusting.

R: He likes blowjobs better than sex. Hallmark of an ego maniac.

A: That reveals so much.


R: I made a playlist of every song I can think of about masturbating. It's really "good."

A: I have to hear it.

R: I'll post it on DC

A: Thank God.

R: You should read about monarch sex kitten programming. Google that shit. Courtney Stodden.

A: I just got done explaining BF and Courtney Stodden and 50 Shades of Grey and you to my bandmate and her boyfriend. They were litereally jawdropped, and told me if we don't do BF, they're going to shoot

R: Yeah, it's pretty amazing, get me that press release, lol.

A: They were amazed, for hype/u. I wish I could have recorded it for DC. It was at like a bar full of ppl watching a baseball game.

OMG, I'm walking down the street listening to a couple talk about the definition of "a freak" AHHHHHH so amazing.

R: LOL, that's amazing. Write it down.

A: "I just don't know what a freak is? I mean, I don't know what that is."

"Well in my understanding, it's someone out of the ordinary."

"But how or why? I just don't understand."

R: hahahahahahahaha

A: This is happening.

R: I'm so happy for you.

A: God I wish u were here slash I wish I had a dictaphone.

R: You should tell them to listen to "Freak on a Leash," tell them it will shed light.

A: LOLOLOL. I'll tell them to google KoRn reverse the R caps sensitive.

R: hahahahahahaha


A: I told them! LOLOLOLOL.

R: Shut up, lol nah ugh. What did they say?

A: I said, "Hey, sorry to eavesdrop but I couldn't help myself. I was confused too. Google KoRn reverse the r caps sensitive, I think things will start making more sense in the end" I literally just stopped them and said that to them.

R: ahahahahahaha. Damn. That's amazing.

A: They didn't say anything then laughed really uncomfortably and then the guy said, "I didn't think anyone was listening, but thanks anyway."


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