Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Definitely "Losing" This Week

So, I had spoken about how everything I do in the world is because I hate this particular person and I just want to be "better" than them. I don't want them to "die" because then they will never know that I am better than them. I don't actually want their face to be entirely eaten off either, because I also need them to be able to SEE that I am better than them. It'd be cool and also "ironic," if you're into using the word ironic incorrectly, if maybe their hands just got eaten off.

Last week I felt like I was "better" than them. This week, they were inadvertently written about on ALG. That definitely matters to no one, but it's a symbolic loss nonetheless. Gotta step up my game guys. What should I do? Videotape myself jacking off the root dick as I am inexplicably drooling cum? Photoshop texts of mean things people have said about me over pixxx of my tits? Fuck a "famous" person? I better do something, and fast, cause lord knows my work doesn't "speak for itself."

Speaking of which, I've been trying to subtly insinuate to people they should read/publish things by Jereme Dean. I read this piece he wrote about his life a long time ago and cried a little. Thought it was pretty beautiful. I feel like he is wonderful, I read this blog he wrote the other day about chicks and shit, and I laughed really hard. It seems like he's the only person who "keeps it real." I think he's doing a really good job. I wanted to leave that on his blog, I wanted to say something like, "Please write more things, because there aren't enough, and please continue being an 'asshole' because your honesty makes me feel like you are a good person who actually cares about writing and not just someone trying to show a nice face to make yourself more relevant. It makes me feel not 'disgusted' by everything." I was too scared though. I'm pretty terrified of people.





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  1. When I first read this post I felt weird, like panicked dread. I still haven't figured out how to receive compliments/gifts/positivity well. Maybe because I don't believe most of the lies I hear. I believe you.

    I'm glad the writing was meaningful to you. That piece wasn't supposed to be published, but Blake solicted me after reading a rough draft on my weak signal blog.

    I think i'm going to update it soon.

    Honesty is the only rebellion left in this world of shit hearts.