Friday, June 8, 2012

Find Myself Asking This Question About Everything...

"But how will it age?" That's not a value judgement and it really can't be answered, but I wonder.


  1. I used to think alot about this. and i think sometimes that can be a sickness that retards a piece of work. people get all hung up on making things feel timeless or 'out of time' and everything's vintage looking or a song sounds like it was made in the 70s. which i can be a sucker for, no doubt.

    there's a time to just embrace what's going on in the present, no matter how gross or distasteful it may be or seem in 20 years. i watch 70s movies and the cars look cool or dustin hoffman's hair is shaggy and it feels cozy, cos it is preserved in time. then i wonder if when it came out, did it ring true? was that a popular car in real life in 1976? was that a real haircut a character like that would have had? with european movies it's just a mindfuck. was that really how italian people looked and acted in the 60s or did fellini manipulate everything? plus, acting in a foreign language always seems like the best to me, and only because i can't judge it the way i can english language acting. i watch movies today that sort of subtly mock or comment on current fashion or trends and sometimes feel gross. and wonder why. a lot of writers, musicians and filmmakers can't help but want to talk about or go back to the time when they were little kids. maybe we all feel more comfortable rendering old details and feel a little more exposed rendering modern ones?

    i think i read cass mccombs talking about this about a year back (that interview didn't age well)

  2. I mean, the interesting thing is, I don't think about it too much with "art." I think about it more with artists or venues that "promote" art. I was thinking of Thought Catalog and HTMLGIANT specifically when I wrote this. Don't know if you ever read them. I think about the level of like narcissism/navel gazing, and it seems "normal" maybe for a bunch of 20-35 year old people to be that way to some degree. Seems like as a young person you have no concept of what is actually "novel." You're experiencing stuff for the first time so a bunch of things that are really cliche seem really unique or special. I just kind of wonder if it's not an age thing, but rather like--a generational thing. Seems like in 15 years people will still be like embarrassingly self absorbed or something. Seems like the generation just beneath us will be different. Feel like in our generation the internet seems really novel cause like it wasn't around and then suddenly it was and completely changed the way people interact. For people younger than us, the internet won't be novel, and neither will that type of communication because for them it will always have existed. I don't know.

    As far as why people are so obsessed with nostalgia at this particular moment in the culture, I feel like it's something else. I feel like the reality of what's going on right now is REALLY dismal. Seems almost "hopeless" to some extent. Getting out of college, being saddled with crippling debt with no real job prospects,etc. Also because of the internet, it's very difficult to become "successful" at art. The internet isn't like qualified by anyone. Anyone can have a website, anyone can make music, anyone can put a "movie" on vimeo/youtube, everyone is an "artist" now. So if you really want to make money at something creative good luck climbing out of the endless pile of shit, you know? The culture now seems to be about nothing, and fighting for your right to be fucking nothing, and completely apathetic about everything. I feel like people want to go back to their childhood because it's the last time they felt hopeful, and "connected" to anything maybe.

    Seems really "deep" for DC, lol. I don't know. I don't really know anything about anything.