Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shame Kippel

Is there a song you'd genuinely like to hear but feel too ashamed to listen to even when you're all alone?


  1. the boy meets world theme song i swear to god fuck irony

  2. LOL. It's all about "sincerity" dude. There's a really "interesting" article on HTMLGIANT about the "New Sincerity" movement. By "interesting," I mean don't bother reading it. Unless you want to. You should do whatever you want, bbs. The song I was thinking of was "Lose Yourself" by Eminem. I was thinking like, I kind of want to listen to that song, and then I was like, I can't listen to that even if I am alone. I felt Shame Kippel hard.

  3. I think you're sincere "for real" Oz. I think you're the most sincere person I've ever met. Seems like you were born into sincerity genetically and geographically. I don't know.