Monday, June 25, 2012

That Didn't Go Too Well...

To be honest. Wanted to spend four to five hours, wound up spending two. Wrote like ten unusable sentences such as:


 Things that happen on the internet are, in fact, "IRL." That picture you put up of eels climbing out of your asshole, "totes" "IRL." 

"The day I deleted my Facebook forever ever was the day someone checked themselves and their vagina in at the OBGYN"

"This person has four digit friends. That shithead is always smiling. That person is an effing rockstar stacked up next to those amps, because on Facebook, it's still possible to be the thing you always wanted when you were twelve. Even if you cry yourself to sleep at night in a rat infested apartment, on a cum and bloodstained futon mattress you purchased on craigslist. Good job." 

Think I need to "tone it down."

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