Saturday, June 2, 2012

They Published A Short Story By Me At Bed Wetting Stories Dot Com

My ex boyfriend, a "writer" and dude who runs a mysterious, Brooklyn based company with Beach in the title sent me a link to a "fake" story he wrote for a bed wetting website, if you read it, you will see I am clearly "joking" when I refer to him as functionally illiterate. I thought about like, all the other "writers" with blogs who write things like, "Got published on __________today. Got my book reviewed on___________." Just imagined like--writing about irrelevant stupid shit on the regular and laughed really hard for a really long time. Imagined posting things on my blog like, They published my short story at bed wetting dot com. They published my dick on casual encounters. They published my herpes blurb on the experience project, etc, etc. Anyway, here's a link to this really "good" thoroughly proofread bed wetting story.
Evil Punishment

Been in a really good mood the past few days. Feel like the only thing that could make things better is like, someone I hate accidentally or intentionally dying.

Bless You.

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