Monday, July 30, 2012

Accidental Ombre

So, the other day I was chatting with my "BFF" about "types" and I think I said jokingly or seriously that my "type" is someone who, "Punches people and injures themselves and cries about their dad sometimes," and he jokingly or seriously said, my "type" was a "prisoner."

"Prisoner, boxer or drunk." Then we laughed a lot and talked about "priz boos," and sent each other a lot of texts like "#prizbooblues" and "#conjugaltrailer."

My other "BFF" texted me about ombre hair, and I naturally made a connection between ombre hair/meth/priz boos. I thought  about accidental ombre hair, and researched it for a long time.


While researching accidental ombre hair, I came across the following website:


I feel like Austin and I spent a good portion of the weekend having our minds fucking blown by it and saying things like, "I'm goin' down to cowtown."


If you're wondering if I got fucking "destroyed" and didn't sleep because I was in the clutches of a cowtown k hole, the answer is yes.

So fucking "pumped" to "take on" Monday.



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