Thursday, July 26, 2012

Butcha Are Blanche, Ya are (Two People, High As Shit, Talking About Mel Gibson)

A: I'm watching Mel Gibson movies, would you fuck Mel Gibson?

R: I don't know lol. Probably.

I mean, how could I pass up that "opportunity"

A: LOL he is probably the best guy in bed

R: I would tell him to say, "You're just a little girl with a fuckin' dysfunctional cunt" lol.

A: Lol jewcunt

R: Lol

I feel like sex with him would be brutal lol

A: And sexy

R: I sort of don't imagine it being like sexy violence...

A: In a way where he might kill you

R: I imagine like a super sweaty, panting red faced dude just hurting you lol

A: Lol

R: With like a vacant yet determined look in his eye

I feel like he can only "get it up" if you're like bleeding or crying

A: Lol yes

R: I feel like after fucking Mel Gibson you can like...never have sex again

Either that or start getting super barred out and "performing" in the kind of porn where someone puts a combat boot on your face and makes you drink out of a toilet or something

A: I'm so high and looked at my txt and it said MelGibson and i, for a second, thought I was talking to Mel Gibson

R: Ahahahahahahahahaha

A: It's like sex retirement

R: Butcha are Blanche. Ya are.

It's me, Mel Gibson

A: Lol what

Lol hi mel

Melly babe, wanna come over and masturbate into me

R: lolololololololololololol


When you said you thought you were talking to Mel Gibson, for some reason it reminded me of the part in Whatever Happened To Baby Jane where she's like, "Butcha are Blanche, Ya are."

A: Lol


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