Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Just Sayin"

Jereme Dean wrote a blog about how he thinks I'm a guy pretending to be a girl. If you know me in "real" life, you might think, "LOL, 'she' is not a guy," but how do you know for sure? Here's some questions you might want to ask yourself:

Aren't I a little tall for a "girl?" Not so tall that it raised questions before, but now that I mention it, doesn't it make you wonder?

Isn't "Raye" a "guy's" name? You might think, "But that's a nickname." I mean, is it though?

Have you ever met my parents? If not, you might have heard I had an "insane" childhood or something, but maybe it was really "normal" and you've never met them because I am worried they will show you my baby pictures.

If so,  did they often make you so uncomfortable that the only thing you could do was "Laugh Out Loud?" Did they seem "hella" barred out, or make unprovoked statements about how they only "kind of" like me as a person? You might have organically thought, "There's something 'wrong' with these people," but you probably never thought what's "wrong" might be that their only "beloved" child is a "girl" now.

Have you ever fucked me? If not, how can you know "for sure?"

If so, was it dark, and were you drunk?











  1. i fucked sister raye probably over 100 times!!!

  2. GOOD JOB!!! Have you fucked anyone since then?

    Your rape joke was actually the opposite. Someone wrote "Happy Birthday Raye" on the wall and you turned the y into a p.

    I just imagined telling someone like, "Yeah, my ex bf was super 'cute,' he changed the sign at my birthday party to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAPE" and like, he used to hide a knife in my belongings all the time. I would go to pour a bowl of cereal or check my mail and be like, 'just kidding it's a knife, lol!' I also used to get really drunk at parties and try to get bros to 'fight' him by telling them he beat me. It was super 'funny.'"

    I'm sure Glen wants to fuck you.