Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fuck It

You know in "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" where Marilyn Manson just screams "FUCK IT" over and over. I kind of feel like that's like exactly what's going on in my head all the time as I'm like, talking to people and doing daily activities. Like, I have a kind of barely sad/ expressionless face, but in my head there's a soundtrack of "FUCK IT, FUCK IT, FUCK IT."

And yeah, I listen to Marilyn Manson on the reg because I'm a teen goth forever.

I have the kind of anxiety where I want to like, rip chunks of my flesh off. I can't though, you know, because I can't show up to a job interview looking like a bathsalty motherfucker.


  1. MM is goth like Lil Wayne is rap.

    The mantra in my mind is more like "hahahaha. yeah, fuck it."

  2. In all seriousness, what IS goth, Jereme?

  3. Goth was my roommate in '95: a fat white kid with mommy issues who enjoyed hanging out in cemeteries instead of malls, wore black eye makeup, lipstick and hair dye, and listened to joy division on sundays while sitting on the floor n the living room with his back to the wall, eyes closed, until someone asked him what the fuck was wrong.

    I used to have a wrench named chuck. His primary existence was to hit goth kids in the face. Sometimes chuck fixed shit, too.

    But to answer your question, i think 'goth' was the nineties version of punk. The difference being that goth's were apathetic and passive-aggressive while punks were overtly aggressive and patently destructive.

    But, man, the nineties were so long ago. Maybe i'm wrong and goth is exactly what hot topic dictates it to be.


    Using a wrench to replace someone's face with gore is definitely "fixing shit."