Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm Going To Write An "Edgy" Short Story Collection

It will have a short conversation at the beginning, a "dedication" of sorts. It will be a story someone told me earlier.

"I got the floor so clean. Like my father would say, 'It's shinin' like a (racial slur used to describe black people)'s heel. Isn't that fucked up? And then my mom would say, 'Bill, not in front of the kids.' Then he would say, 'I'd rather you married a (racial slur to describe black people) than a guinnea. No daughter of mine's going to marry a fucking wop.'"

It has no relevance to the collection of short stories, it's just "edgy."

These are the story titles in order of appearance:

The first time I 'tried' anal

I'm not going to put a 'period' story in this book because 'periods' are for FAT, DISGUSTING, FUCKED, LONELY WHALES with no self control

Everyone I've had sex with*

CRY MYSELF BLIND: I have feelings J/k I don't

Every time I see my dad he tells me I need botox : (

The SCARFACE poster date rape

Partially living fuck doll

I'm killing myself because you unfollowed me on twitter

I'll sext you in hell


*as a child

I'm serious. I'm so, SO serious.










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