Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Have "Psychological Problems"

It seems like sometimes someone will ask me about something, and I will feel a little "passionate" for a moment. Like, I have a lot of "feelings" for a moment, and then at the end of expressing my "feelings" I kind of want to die.

Sometimes right before I have an orgasm, there's this brief moment, where I'm like, but I don't want to have an orgasm, because then this will be "over" and then in a split second, I think about like having sex with that person again, like later, like there's this brief, hopeful, kind of moment, where I'm like, but when it's over, it will be okay, because I can do this again. Then when it's over, I want to die, and like, leave, and like, never have sex again, and the short hopeful moment, feels like "disgusting" to me, or something.

Talking is kind of the same. I talk, and I'm really excited for a moment, and then when it's like "over" I feel like I just had like a "moment" with that person and I just want to like die and leave, and never talk again.

I don't know.


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