Tuesday, August 21, 2012


A version of my short story "Buffalo Tofu" and an essay by ME are published in the Fall issue of Crossed Out Magazine. You can read them HERE!!! This blog is simply not enough. There will never be enough things by ME to satiate the world.

I hate my own writing, I think, lol. Feel like, I "fucking suck." But you should read Crossed Out and submit things there because Jack Hill is sweet ass/sweet ass/sweet ass.

I think there will be answers to your "great" questions tomorrow.

Also, you guys, one of my most favorite people in the whole world is involved in a video contest, and it would be REALLY "kind" (lol) if you would vote for his videos. It's kind of like..."lame" because you have to "sign up" and you're going to think like, ef this, I'm not taking 20 seconds to sign up for this shit, I need to look at  people's shitty party pics and children in the feed, but like, he would appreciate it, and I would appreciate it too : )

I used an emoticon guys. Just.Do.It. Did you know the Nike slogan was inspired by Gary Gilmore's last words before the firing squad? Now you do.


His videos are called "Harvest" and "Cultural Empowerment." Thank you.

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