Friday, August 3, 2012

Murders and Stufff

I was thinking about my daily activities, like "working" and "writing" and "eating" and "going on the elliptical machine" and "playing the piano" and I just kept thinking, "How can I turn this into a murder charge?"

I started thinking about motivation, and I wondered what is a stronger motivator out of food and sex. I thought about people who are like 3-500 lbs and thought, "Food is pretty fucking intense." But then I thought like,  I can't imagine anyone doing 25 to life for food. I googled, "Murders involving food," but really couldn't find anything. Seems like murders involving sex are like every murder.

I thought about how everyone I know has an eating disorder of some kind, and how funny it is when people talk about "giving up on life" in the context of what they ate that day.

I started thinking about fashion and like, fashion "faux pas" like, wearing a fedora and other things, and then I thought, sometimes people wear them because they have no self awareness, and sometimes people wear them because they are rebellious. Like, "Fuck you, I'm going to wear a fedora."

It seems like "self aware" is like, my least favorite phrase that's ever been created. It seems like every time someone accuses someone else of "being a dick" someone is like, "Yeah, but like, you're also a fucking dick," and then the person is like, "Yeah, but I'm 'self aware' though." And then I kind of don't want to live anymore.


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