Thursday, August 9, 2012


My brain is depressed to the point of cognitive negation. It's "full up like a landfill."

I have hundreds of unpublished drafts of things that I wrote when my brain was somewhat less useless. Here are some excerpts:

"Sometimes I just wanna say something like, 'Your career advice is even less exciting than your lazy fucks.'"

"In summation, TL;DR"

"Someone texted 'YOLO' to me. I texted back 'BNA (born never asked.)'"

"When I think of truly hating someone, I think like, if I saw that person in public, I would have a difficult time not physically attacking them. Like, I might have to take infinity xanax to avoid grabbing for their throat. I think like, If I could murder that person without getting in trouble, believe me I would."

"I love how little people care for and respect each other. It's beautiful."

"Everyone I know will be married in five years."

"When do you think the phase of thinking your life is 'performance art' and thinking thinking that is a novel concept hits its peak?"



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