Monday, August 27, 2012


Okay, have you ever had sex with someone, and....well, first of all, I want you to keep in mind, this story is "theoretical," I've never had sex before. I'm waiting for "the one," but anyway, so, have you ever had sex with someone, and like, then later, without knowing you'd, shall we say, "known" that person, someone tells you a story about sleeping with them and it's like...COMPLETELY different than your experience? Like let's say, again, theoretically, that when you slept with that person there were times when you thought, "I might die during this experience." (I laughed out loud really hard after I typed that.) Not like, in a way where it wasn't "consensual" just like, "I might die during this experience, and that's fine."

Okay, and then, "theoretically," someone tells you a story about sleeping with that person, and they're like, "He's the nicest guy! He bought an expensive bottle of wine and we were listening to Radiohead. He's such a gentleman."

Like....first of all....expensive wine and Radiohead? I just "theoretically" vomited in my mouth. Secondly, WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF.  Seems like the only person who can "explain" this is that lil minx SexyVix.


  1. "Treat the broads like ladies and the ladies like broads." Frank Sinatra

  2. I just like referring to anyone as a "broad."

  3. I don't know what you're implying SexyVix. BTW, he didn't drive a Jetta, he drove a Passat, lol.