Friday, August 31, 2012


Okay, I try not to talk about food, like, ever, because I think it's the most boring thing on earth. I feel like weather is fascinating as fuck compared to talking about food, but like...earlier, I went to this frozen yogurt place, and, I'm just going to go ahead and speak in run ons, as per usual. You know cherry jolly ranchers? You know how they're like fucking amazing, and you eat one and you're like fuck, I need a bag that is only cherry. Well so, I went to this frozen yogurt place and they had cherry jolly rancher frozen yogurt. I'm pretty sure it's the best food type substance I've ever tasted. Like...I literally cannot believe it. Mind=blown.


ADDED NOTE: Talking about food is actually really funny if you do it "properly."


p.s. has their been an episode of intervention dedicated to bath salts yet?

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