Monday, September 10, 2012

Let's Be Honest...

If I don't answer your calls/texts, you read my blog, and if it hasn't been updated, you fear that I am dead, lol.

I'm sorry. I am not dead. Thank you for the handmade gifts and notes and other things. You're all such beautiful, thoughtful little cabbages. I like you guys a lot. I'm working on doing nice things for all of you. I'm sorry it takes me a long time to do things. I love you all very much, I'm just sad and insane, lol.

Sorry I've been very bad about getting back to texts/calls/emails etc. Don't worry, don't worry. I will get back soon.

How are you all doing? Are you doing okay? I miss you. Even if you didn't send me a gift for my birthday, and we don't hang out in "real" life, I still miss you a little. I still like you a lot.

You're all doing such a good job of being a human. I can't believe it. I wish I could buy you all an ice cream cone.



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