Saturday, September 1, 2012


You know that game where you're in a public place and you say "penis" louder and louder until someone "chickens out?" I feel like that game is a lot more intense if you replace "penis" with "the 'n' word."

But anyway, so, one time my best friend Austin and I were at a party and there was this guy there from New York, he looked like a California surf bro though, and Austin kept calling the dude "ape surf," like under his breath kind of, and then just kind of taking it further and further, like saying ape surf louder and louder, and eventually the guy was like, "What did you just call me?" Like in a vaguely "hard" kind of way, as though "ape surf" is like a common, offensive pejorative and Austin  gives him this really like, puppy dog kind of face and he just looks at the dude and goes, "I miss you."

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