Monday, October 22, 2012

I just wanna say like....

I'm really glad so many people like share their life with me or something. Whether it's like....talking about how "fucked" they feel, or like, what they did that day, or like, telling me a "nice" story, or letting me read their writing, or jacking off on a random object. I never get bored of you all. I just think you all are so good, and like, this is such a sentimental thing to say, but I don't care, I don't care if I sound like an x infinity rambling and idiotic and 12. I feel like the world makes you feel so stupid for like having "dreams" or like, believing in things, and I just hope you do it anyway no matter how mean shit gets. I just get so overwhelmed sometimes because I just wish I could like suck up everybody's sadness and hopelessness and make everything ok. It's like genuinely heartbreaking. Sometimes I go to websites like this  and I just make like 20 wishes in a row that people won't feel sad anymore, and that like good things will happen to them, and even though that's the most retarded thing I could possibly do, I can't think of anything else. I just want everyone to know that like they matter and that they are "good."

Also, I know I'm supposed to send everyone soap, and I will, but I wanted to send you all something else also, and I have to wait for it to come here from a cheap foreign country, and also, I had to make more soap because the other soap was too ugly and I was embarrassed.

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