Monday, October 22, 2012


Him: So wanna hear a funny story?

She: Yes.

Him: So you remember the other night when I was going to start the thread of cumming on random things and I said I got interrupted?

She: Yes.

Him: So I was looking around my room for something and found this empty can of duster. That will do. Turn on porn and start jerking it with this can of duster in my hand. Well N--- had come over to use my comp for pictures cause I have photoshop. Well out of nowhere he comes into my room as I'm jacking off to some girl getting drilled in the ass with a can of duster in my hand. Sucked.

She: lololol what did he do and what did you do?

Him: I pop up and put my junk away as quickly as possible. N----glances at me, the can of duster and the computer screen and walks out, and I can hear him say to Z---"Walked in at the wrong time there." I come out and tell Z----what happened and everyone has a laugh at my expense.

She: What did you say happened?

Him: I said I was trying to start a thread of people cumming on random things cause Rachel said she wanted pics of that and that the can of duster seemed like a good start.

They still don't believe me that it was empty.

She: Can't stop laughing. Like, fuck....

Him: I didn't tell you the story that night cause I was so embarrassed.

She: I don't even think that's embarrassing, I think it's like...amazing, but I also know the backstory. If I was N----I'd probably just be like WTF.

Him: The look on his face as he left my room was the epitome of WTF.

She: I feel like it would have been weird no matter what you were holding.

Him: Probably.


*ADDED NOTE* Every time I talk to someone they say, "DON'T POST THIS ON YOUR BLOG," lol. I ask for permission before EVERYTHING I post. Don't have a panic attack. I'm not gonna like post stories about things that happen between you and your dick. Unless you want it. I'm very responsible.

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