Saturday, October 20, 2012

Personal Reminders

Try not to ruin your own life.

I don't even think you can comprehend the number of people waiting to take a piss on your feelings. There's like, a line that wraps around the entire world. And the person you're closest to now, and at every other point, the one who's supposed to take care of you, and "protect" you, and "love" you, that's the person dying for the opportunity the most. That's the person, given any excuse, the most minor infraction, they're fucking salivating thinking about all the power they'll have when they crush you. Because they can, and believe me, they will.

With a deck stacked like that, you don't need to hurt yourself. Choosing life is a constant agonizing emotional drain. You don't need to sabotage or slice yourself up. Like, life needs no assistance in your ruin.

Also, try not to be an asshole. After 20, 30, 40, 50 years of the shipwreck that is life, you might want to "lash out" at humanity. Like, you might think, "Everyone is a piece of shit, and I am like 'tired' of this," or something. Like, you might think like, "I'm going to treat everyone like garbage, because it doesn't matter," or like, "I'm just going to 'go off' on people, because god knows I do the best I can so fuck everything." Or like, "I'm just going to like get a gun and like kill as many people as I can," Like, "No one is innocent," (LOL). I don't know. You might think you're entitled to be a complete fuckhead, because like that's what people "deserve" or something, but like, you're not entitled to fucking anything, and like being a "good" person might be the only chance you have at novelty.

Like, or something.


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