Monday, October 1, 2012


Dear Austin,

Remember how the first time I ever gave "someone" a blowjob, you were "sleeping" on the floor? And remember how when I was done, he said, and I quote, "Thanks for doing that. That was really nice of you.*LONG PAUSE* "Good times."

And then remember how you just like gave me this look that was like, "Yeah, I just saw that, and yeah, I totally just heard that guy say, 'Good times' regarding a blowjob."

Remember how I think we also had a long talk about how you had to sleep on the floor because you just like constantly vomit at random?

You are my best friend forever, for real, lol. Grey Gardens, window waterslide.


  1. Blow jobs are boring.

  2. I was gonna type something about blow jobs and then I saw a cute ass fucking kitten with a cast on its paw and I was just like...fuck. Whatever I was gonna say is obviously irrelevant now.