Thursday, October 4, 2012


If you were wondering why I wake up at 630 in the morning, it's certainly not because I'm gainfully employed and have shit to do. It's because that's when the high school band starts every morning at a volume that can't be deterred by modern marvels like windows and walls. You're doing great guys. This is the beginning of your career. You're in the high school band now, but one day you'll be in a "real" band. The kind that goes nowhere and impresses no one. Your shows will be populated by between 10-50 people some of whom are your "friends" who feel sorry for you, and pretend they think your shit is really good/come to your shows because they are also in bands with an audience of 10-50 people and need your continued support. The remaining people are other sad drunk people who go to the bar no matter what's happening hoping someone will talk to them and/or fuck them. But don't worry, one day, some guy will give you a "write up" on a "relevant" blog. You know the guy. The one with a British accent that may or may not be real. The one who "writes for vice." On that day it will all be worth it. On that day, everyone will take you seriously because the internet is legitimate. What I'm saying is keep it up. You're doing a good job. Your hard works and early mornings will all pay off.




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