Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving you all. Waiting outside for like a week to get a bargain on a flat screen tv is almost the grossest thing I can think of.

The grossest thing, maybe, is this commercial

I'm trying to pack, and this is all really boring but I'm also really drunk. I always get really stressed out when I'm traveling because I never have any money and I want to deceive people, in that, I want to seem fancier and cooler than is possible in the town where I live so I have to plan clothing and shoes and all of that, and it has to only be what you can fit in a suitcase, and I secretly or not secretly fear that I am the shittiest most boring person ever and that people spending time with me will feel crushing disappointment and, and and....that's all really.

Yeah, happy "T-GIVE."

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