Friday, November 23, 2012


Do you ever feel totally perplexed by other humans? Like, you know when you're out somewhere and you text someone and you're like, "I'm hanging out with the craziest people right now," but like the people aren't crazy at all, they're just like normal people lol. And do you ever pour hard A into a beer bottle because you don't want people to like, think poorly of you/know the true depths of your alcoholism?

And do you ever hide drugs from yourself because you know you'll like need them more at some point than you currently do and then tear your house apart looking for them, but you might have already taken them but you're not sure?

Do you ever like have Thanksgiving on a Friday with a bunch of strangers who play horrible Austin city limits concerts for hours on end and there's like chickens and 34678655 dogs and gay personal trainers talking about hot yoga?

I mean...whatever.

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  1. Second one, yes.

    It's not like I hide them though. It's more like I'm not sure which drug bag I put x drug in, where that bag is or if I have already taken the drug.

    Hanging with gay yoga instructors sounds exhausting.

    'turkey neck'