Monday, November 5, 2012


Happy birthday to S. Sylvia.

Less than 3s.

Who is coming to WA. That time is here. Dec 1.

Here are some possible things that might happen.

Monday night football in the white trash capital of the world.

Fancy and elaborate dinners.

Collecting the top shelf booze people bring my father and drinking all of it day and night.

Drinking blue lotus wine and seeing if we can feel each other without touching.

Making artwork.

Going out to breakfast.

Road tripping to nearby cities and playing my favorite game called dress in your most garish attire and drink until someone invites you to stay at their house.

Wearing only white.

Preparing for the end of the world.

Nick Heet.


  1. Angie is supposedly coming also. You'd be a fool to miss out on this "opportunity."

  2. lucky fucks. I want to see the evidence from the 'dressed in all white' days.