Thursday, November 8, 2012


Have any of you all ever been in jail?



  1. What were you in jail for?

  2. Well, there are stories attached to each time... but the short answer is: Bench warrant for not going to court over an attempted UUMV charge; drunk in public at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney.

    I wasn't just drunk though. Heh.

    UUMV = Unathorized use of a motor vehicle. In other words, car theft.

    I used to steal cars.

  3. How long did you have to stay in jail? What are the stories?

    Also, do you have friends you hang out with in la/oc?

    For some reason I just thought of this other person I used to know that stayed in jail for like 3 months and how he used to tell stories about like fucking 12 y/o prostitutes in TJ, and how he wanted to fuck my mom, and then one time, my best friend and I were at a party with him and he was super wasted and he said to Austin, "I'm going to go pass out in my car. The door is open, and I am open to the possibility."

    Now he's like a "normal" dude with a wife and kids and a job in an office which feels really terrifying.

    You always know when to clarify.

  4. broke into tom cruise's house naked

  5. wearing reaaaally good plastic surgery

  6. Yeah, I have friends in OC and LA. I don't really hang with them though. Nobody actually wants to being a person when they’re a burden. In other words, I can't drive so I have to be picked up/dropped off or take the bus. I don't like asking anyone for anything, but specifically abhor asking for rides. People always say, "dude, it's no problem. I'll drive you."

    They never mean what they say though, especially after realizing how being responsible for another person's travel is detrimental to whatever self-absorbed activity they prefer to engage in.

    Plus I'm sort of a loner. I say sort of because most my life has been spent without friends but I like people, so i'm not used to all the social bullshit of friendship. Like, nobody calls me, I call nobody.

    I have party friends. I like them more than most people. ‘Party friends’ is defined as people i've met while doing drugs and listening to electronic music at Hollywood clubs. Party friends are always happy to see me and always happy to hang out.

    The stories about getting arrested could be long. I don't know if I feel like typing much right now.

    I wrote about the first time I was arrested. But it's really long, like too long for a comment, so I posted it on my blog.

    Maybe I'll write about the second time I was arrested but probably not for a little while.