Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Now that you know about 5% of the shitty things you need to know about me, here are some of the things I think you need to know about lobsters.

Some of this info is courtesy of the essay "Consider the Lobster" some of it is just courtesy of general lobster research.

Prior to the 1800s, lobster was only fed to poor people and prisoners. There were laws about how often you could feed lobster to people in jail because it was considered that disgusting and inhumane Fkn imagine that!

The largest lobster on record was 44 lbs. FKN imagine that!!!!!!!!

Here is the craziest thing of all, lobsters don't age. if they didn't get caught for rich ppl's dinner or get some kind of sea disease, they could live for fucking ever. It's not uncommon for lobsters to live to be well over 100. Like, there's probably a lobster living under the sea as we speak that's like 500 years old and like hundreds of lbs. FKN IMAGINE THAT SHIT!!!!!

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