Sunday, December 2, 2012


"I love sex. I love the back door. Love horror movies, comic books and baseball/hockey games. I cook like a gourmet chef. I don't complain about much. I tell dirty jokes. I'm an artist. I have told a guy HOW to make me multiple orgasm, not assumed he knew. I brew my own beer. I play video games. I never bring a man shopping with me unless it's for lingerie or electronics. I love discovery channel and I watch porn.....
I'm a fetish pin-up and lingerie model."


Barf. I'd rather go down on the lady with a freezer full of dead ferrets.


  1. Nerd fantasy except for the sports thing. She's a male serial killer.

  2. Is her last name "Dick"?

  3. Who the fuck refers to their ass as "the back door" in real life?

  4. I do.

    Don't be slammin' my backdoor cos it's hinges are loose.