Sunday, December 30, 2012

Conversation 12/30

A: Like, I love watching old rich old spoiled drunk women lie to each other. There's a woman carrying a polygraph around, lol.

The "fashions" are frankly to die for.

R: LOL, shut up, omfg.

A: Like a bebe jacket over a swimsuit with boots.


A: And that's their "fashion" for the "fashion show."

R: I think I decided that if you're not famous, everything is in scare quotes.

Like my "band" is playing a "show."

A: Or like huge belts over everything. Insane earrings and insane makeup while they're carrying around polygraphs at a "fashion show."


R: And that "going on tour" is the most hilarious thing ever.
Like my "band" is "going on tour."

That and "in the studio."

R: Like you're really just taking a vacation, lol.
You're just going on a road trip and pretending it's significant.

A: And "networking."

Like see you at the "fashion show."

It's just like adults playing dress up.

Like, everyone is just playing a game, but they don't "get" it.

Like, they think they're being serious.

That includes "having a family."

Like, we're "getting married" and "buying a house."

I'm going to "work" to "support" our "family."

I guess that's why you play pretend games as a kid. To prepare you for playing pretend games for the rest of your life.

Like...imagine like...buying a refrigerator and taking that seriously.

I mean, there was a point at which things like "going on tour" had an objective purpose. Like your "fans" wanted to see you. Like think of the absurdity of "going on tour" when no one knows who you are.

A: LOLOLOLOLOLOL Playing pretend as a kid is totally preparing you for being an adult, and social networking strengthens that.

"Buying a fridge"
"Comparing prices"
"Making it"

I'm at Costco with my dad and am going to have a panic attack. I can't believe this is how people function.


  1. The conversation that really sums up 2k12

    see your ass on "tour"...

    I really hope you "make it"...

    I heard "pitchfork" will "love it" faggot

  2. He's not a faggot, but he IS a "faggot."