Saturday, December 8, 2012


I'm like in Portland for some reason at a sort of fancy hotel, and I say fancy because I'm used to like sleeping on floors or the kinds of places where there's like used condoms behind the bed or whatever. And I'm drunk on long island iced teas for some reason like I'm fucking 18, and I sort of want to like die/live forever. You know? You know that feeling?

I'm tired because it's 5 AM.

I kind of like looking at my face at the end of the night when my makeup is all worn off and my mascara is running a little and theres like stained lips where there used to be lipstick and it's sort of out of the lines, and like my hair is all crazy and frizzy and flat. Like, I like looking at myself better when I look like shit kind of.

I kind of think I'm a really bad person.

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