Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Conversation 1/30

"The Twenties really fuck people up because society is so ageist that people feel like if they don't get 'famous' within a small window, they'll never get 'famous.' Which is ridiculous. Whatever happened to being genuinely interesting and mysterious, and intelligent? Just because that's who you are, not because you want to be written about in VICE magazine."

"Yeah, like...just being interesting because there's some small part of your humanity that's still in tact. Like...being interesting so other people don't want to suicide when you talk."

"Remember the days when you weren't 'famous' until after you died? NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL FAMOUS Vol. 1."

"I think I 'get' it. I think, ultimately, everything just boils down to the fact that everyone wants someone to fuck them. Like, everyone wants to be wanted, and someone fucking you is the most like...basic, quantifiable evidence that someone thinks you are 'good.' 'Back in the day' there were only so many ways you could meet another human. So much competition. You really had to be as interesting as you could. You really had to compel someone to want to fuck you. Now it's like, there are a million reminders of how many people there are, and it's SO easy to find another person with low self esteem/garbage/a cum dumpster to put your dick inside of. It's like...take a generation of people whose self esteem is SO out of proportion to their accomplishments/what they 'are' and couple that with the fact that it's way too easy to get laid and it really creates like...a nightmare."


"If you can't get laid in this culture, it's not because you're not what society deems 'desirable.' It's because there's a place you're not willing to let yourself go, or because there's something you fundamentally don't understand. As ugly as you feel on the outside, is how ugly everyone KNOWS they are on the inside. Underneath it all, all the narcissism and posturing and #swag, everyone knows they are worthless. Fucking nothing. If you understand that principle, you can get ANYONE to have sex with you. That's why everyone wants to be 'famous.' Because, inside, they're just a limitless void. If people understood that NO amount of external validation can 'fix' you, everything would be okay. Like, if people took a moment to examine their desperate need for attention, people could be 'happy.' People could be 'good.'But that's just not how 'people' are."


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