Sunday, January 27, 2013

Do That to Me, Do that to My Anatomy....

Always a day late and a dollar short, but as promised a list and link to the exhaustive playlist. How do you compare to the other sick fucks that hang out around here? Who do you think chose what and who do you want to share a "fuck jam" with? Also, if you wanted to add something but didn't for some reason, "HMU."

Also, added note, I tried to put songs more than one person picked by a certain band together, but toward the end, it got overwhelming and I got kind of lazy.

TLC - Red Light Special Lyrics

Miguel - Quickie

Let Me Love You- Mario

Lil' Kim - Not Tonight

Lil' Kim How Many Licks

Lil' Kim -- The Jump Off

Lil' Kim-Drugs

Lil Kim - We Don't Need It

Ginuwine - My Pony

No Diggity - Blackstreet

Nas - The Don

ludacris - p-poppin'

This is how we do it - Montell Jordan

Crime Mob- Rock yo hips

69 Boyz - Tootsie Roll

Make Love In This Club - Usher

Missy Elliott ft. Nas, Eve & Lil Mo - Hot Boyz

Missy Elliot 4 MY PEOPLE

Next - Too Close

Walk On By - Isaac Hayes (1969)

Stevie B - Spring Love

Lost Generation - Let Me Out

The Underbeats - Love To You

Thee Headcoatees - Come Into My Mouth

Personal and the Pizzas - Tearjerker

BARE WIRES - One More Hour of Love

Mac Demarco ''Rock And Roll Nightclub''

Woven Bones - If It Feels Alright

Royal Baths - Faster Harder

Lou Reed - Perfect Day

Depeche Mode - The Dead of the Night

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence

The Kills- Hitched

The Kills- Black Rooster

The Kills - Tape Song


Sister Machine Gun - Burn

SCOTT WALKER-The Cockfighter

Puscifer-Drunk with Power

Puscifer - Vagina Mine Visualizer

A perfect circle-The Nurse Who Loved Me

Relaxed Muscle - Sexualised

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Feel So Good

Brian Jonestown Massacre-Wisdom

Brian Jonestown Massacre - Evergreen

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Hide and Seek

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Open Heart Surgery

Pink Floyd-Young Lust

Mac DeMarco - "Ode To Viceroy"

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti- Baby


Brian Eno -"I'll Come Running"

Brian Eno -Baby's On Fire


T.Rex - 20th Century boy

T - Rex - Buick Mackane

VAST - Pretty When You Cry

VAST - Touched

Nicolas Jaar - Mi Mujer

Gunther & The Sunshine Girls - Touch Me

Joy Division - Disorder

Massive Attack-"Teardrop"

TALKING HEADS - Sugar On My Tongue

Beck-Nicotine and Gravy

Marilyn Manson - User Friendly

Marilyn Manson - The Dope Show

Marilyn Manson - The Nobodies

The Black Keys-Your Touch

t.A.T.u-All About Us

The Beatles-Yellow Submarine

M83 - Midnight City

Blur - Girls & Boys

Suede - Animal Nitrate

Suede- The Drowners

Suede- Poor Little Rich Girl

Garbage- No. 1 Crush

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Art Star

Leonard Cohen- I'm Your Man

Love and Rockets- So Alive

Sonic Youth- Dirty Boots

Sonic Youth-Silver Rocket

Sonic Youth- Self Obsessed and Sexxee

Sonic Youth and Cypress Hill- I Love You Mary Jane

Sonic Youth- Doctor's Orders

The Jesus and Mary Chain-Her Way of Praying

The Jesus and Mary Chain- Teenage Lust

The Jesus and Mary Chain- Perfume

The Jesus and Mary Chain- Cracking Up

Danzig- She Rides

The Misfits- Cough Cool

The Stooges- I Wanna Be Your Dog

Glass Candy- Hurt

My Bloody Valentine- I Believe

Black Octopus Lipstick Project- Hot Sinners

Death From Above 1979- Sexy Results

Death From Above 1979- Little Girl

Health- Die Slow

Singapore Sling- Martian Arts

Singapore Sling- I Hate You

Folk Implosion- Natural One

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Spread Your Love

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Red Eyes and Tears

The Black Angels- Don't Play With Guns

DIIV- Doused

Young Magic- Slip Time

Boards of Canada - Mukinabaht

Stephan Bodzin - Bedford

Múm- We Have A Map Of The Piano

Clinic- Come Into Our Room

Clinic- Walking With Thee

Clinic- The Equalizer

Al Green- Let's Stay Together

Jackie Gleason & His Orchestra - Moonlight Becomes You

Wolfgang Gartner - Undertaker

Zapp & Roger - Computer Love

Alice Cooper-Poison

Ministry- Lay Lady Lay

Extreme- More Than Words

Guns n Roses- November Rain

Last of the Mohicans- The Gael

Gurdjieff - Seekers of the Truth


Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy

The Beastie Boys- Girls

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Free Bird

NIN- March of the Pigs

The Beatles - Across The Universe

YG - Toot It And Boot It

Jon Lord - Bouree

Bus Stop... In Your Mind

Ennio Morricone-Peur Sur La Ville

Ennio Morricone-The Man With The Harmonica

K.D Lang - Constant Craving

9+ hours worth of sexual encounters-




  1. Post-coitus song: Touch My Cum - Sweaty Nipples

  2. Wow I had no idea this mix would be so all inclusive. So much Lil' Kim. Way to internet hard Deathcapades.

  3. You had really good picks "Larry." I like your style.

    Vaguely regretting not titling this post "I DID IT ALL FOR THE NOOKIE."

  4. natural one is probably the sexiest sounding song imaginable

  5. Yeah it's really...something. I think my favorite part of this whole endeavor is like, people texting me being like, "Who chose___________?" and expressing some sentiment about it, lol. Judging what other people have sex to seems hilarious.

  6. i only fuck to old ralph nader speeches

  7. SOMEONE, not sure whether that person would appreciate being mentioned by name, sent me a vid of Mitt Romney's concession speech with the caption "Speaking of fuck jams." Not gonna lie, I LOL'd.