Monday, January 14, 2013


Waking up at 5:30 to write, trying to choreograph a botched threesome in a way that can be "taken seriously" as "literary fiction," and then just reading a NYT article about The Canyons. Rounding out the ten o clock hour with Our Lady of the Flowers.


Domestic discipline.

Hanging out with people/choosing sexual partners as a means of compensating for your vast inadequacy.

Men who give me career advice.

How life feels terrifying and "dream-like" in precisely the same manner as Inside Edition.

How, in college, I would get really high and watch the "ritual" scene in Eyes Wide Shut where Tom Cruise says "Fidelio" over and over until I passed out.


  1. one time i smoked K-9 with one Shane Heil on Christmas eve, with plans of watching some sweet trancey Eyes Wide Shut. that shit fucked us up like a car wreck and i couldn't even hold it together long enough to get the DVD in the tray. spent the rest of the night in my room with the lights on, writhing in drugged up mental torment.

  2. K2 I'm assuming?
    Lol @ designer drugs.

  3. well probably K2 but the guy who gave it to me who used to have to smoke it cos he was in drug court called it K9. it was just like when jerri blank smoked grass and we see shrieking skulls on fire in her head and she's like 'i feel totally normal.'

  4. Seems like a fun nightmare. One time me and Shane drove around in my car drinking vodka listening to Thug Luv on repeat talking about our feelings. It was pretty cool.

  5. shane's a softie lord love him