Tuesday, January 15, 2013


G is dancing, wild, and feral like a 60s hippie to a vinyl in the center of the living room.

We're lying next to each other, not touching, staring into a lap top screen.

"Have you seen this?" he asks, pointing me toward a YouTube clip. "You've probably seen it. It's disgusting." He pushes play and there's a minute long clip of a mamma cat hugging a baby cat in a basket. Too cute.

"This is the future of feelings." I say,"When you can only love people in your head. I would hold you if I could, but I can only show you a video of a cat holding another cat."

We look at each other for a long time not saying anything. The only sounds are the vinyl and ice on ice as I take sips from a plastic cup of grain alcohol.

"Hey!" G says, suddenly, appearing from nowhere, child-like and manic, "We should have a threesome!"

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