Thursday, February 28, 2013


So I have two best friends, one is named Ryan. I woke up this morning and a bunch of people found my blog by searching "RYAN G---- CAUSE OF DEATH." I felt dizzy and like vomiting. LUCKILY, it was a dude with the same name in another city. Sorry boutcha to the dead guy though.

I texted Ryan and was like "ily" thank god you're alive I just peed my pants.
He said he was high as fuck and watching Fear and Loathing and that he'd be the dead one soon enough.

People keep saying my writing is,"Too depressing." Keep thinking "Is there such a thing?" + "Guys, I'm writing about bored rich white ppl, it IS depressing but....AIDS in Africa bitches, ya know?"

I'm sleeping with a guy that reminds me of Ted Bundy. Like he sort of looks like Ted Bundy and is probably a psychopath. People keep asking, "Should I be worried?" I don't know. Should you?

I decided that, yes, you can fuck someone until they love you.

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