Tuesday, March 12, 2013

If You Can't Live Alone You Were Born as a Slave

"I want to be destroyed," I thought.

Here's some cute pictures of animals sleeping:



  1. Pretty sure I was married to the last one.

  2. In all seriousness though, laughing out loud.

  3. that first photo is the funniest thing ever
    speaking of which, have I ever told you about the "kindnapping" couple anniversary story? one of my favorite stories

  4. I have not heard that story, at least I don't think. LOL@arbys.com

  5. So..

    I was hanging out with this older, leather daddy fetishist, Tom of Finland esque artist and was invited to dinner at his friends house. His friend was nice and older. Also in the leather community. While drinking and being convivial, I asked, "what have you been doing this summer?"
    He replied, "oh, I just went on vacation! Heres some photos I just got back!"
    He hands me this stack of photos very casually and I begin looking.
    The first photo is from a distance (probs 40 ft) of a guy at the exit of the airport holding a bag, waiting.
    The second photo is a little closer towards this unsuspecting guy taken from the driver side window
    The third one is the from the drivers perspective pulling up directly to the guy.
    The fourth one is an "attack" shot of the guy waiting outside of the airport with a hand around his mouth and scared eyes.
    The fifth one is of the guy in trunk, tied up, scared, with his mouth duck taped shut.
    The sixth one is of the car trunk closed.

    "This is quite a vacation" I comment.

    The next set of photos look straight out of a snuff film of the guy who "picked up" from the airport in a dungeon/basement tied up.
    The last series of photos were of his acting like a slave in the dungeon/basement.

    I was like, "um, where was this?"
    "Oh, that's here. He's downstairs in the basement now."
    "Oh, that's cute."
    "Yeah, I met him online and he was going on vacation and wanted to be "kidnapped" and held as a slave for a while. I was into the same sort of thing. it's like our vacation"

    For some reason, that first photo reminded me of that story

  6. That reminds me of this time that I was at Town and Country #RIP, and this guy, like a hot, early 40s dad started talking to me, and he was like, "Hey, you wanna come get stoned in the parking lot," and I was like, "Obviously, duh." I love stranger danger. But mainly I said yes because he was wearing a Block Island Tshirt, like hand on the bible. So, Cortney came with me because she was afraid I was gonna get raped, and we all got stoned and he was like, "I just got back from Europe, do you wanna come see my photos?" So he takes us to his car, and he has a lap top full of "vacay" photos, and they're all just like, creepy like, photos of this woman, who clearly did not know she was being photographed, lol. And I was just like, "Um, what's the deal, 'dude'" and he was like, "I fell in love with her, and I just spent my whole vacation following her around." He was crazysexycool.

  7. By the Montauk Monster, do you mean the creature, or Shane?