Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rough Week

I think if you're going to go off on someone, like, write something on the internet or mumble something under your breath, or take passive aggressive shitty ass jabs, you should really sit the fuck down and ask yourself something. Like, think back to your birth, and everything you can ever remember doing, and ask yourself, "Am I an asshole?"

*SPOILER ALERT* The answer is yes.

Like, think about all the times you made mistakes, didn't follow directions, said cunty bullshit things, and overall just acted like a stupid, shitkicking fuck. Like, SERIOUSLY, before you berate another person, ask yourself if you shouldn't, instead, just STFU.

If it still feels justified to you: 


  1. My asshole confidence is high.

  2. Also can't stop staring at the Mary Poppins.gif. Feel an insurmountable attraction to her, not in general, just in the context of this picture.